Saturday, February 9, 2013

Popo Story

Any situation in life has two sided, difficult part and the fun part. Being a Momchitect taught me to really close my eyes on the difficult part of the life and try to enjoy the fun part. 

Here is a little example. On Friday I had a house visiting meeting with my realtor and a client in front of the house that we will go to buy for remodeling. I took Lili with me for the house visit and we started to play in front of the house to kill minutes since the realtor and client were little late. Out of the sudden I looked at Lili’s face and recognize that she is trying to pop. Oh no, man , please wait. I do not have a key to get inside and use the bathroom and I do not want to deal with the stinky smell when people arrive. I called realtor, she did not answered the phone, well , she was already late and knew that I am not calling her to offer a cake or candy. Client arrived and I was so uncomfortable since Lili was walking with a big pop inside of her diaper.  I asked the client to wait in front of the house and I got back to the car to clean her little smelly bottom. I could not find my wipes boxes now. Nice mama, I found a bottle of water and cleaned her (god know how) when my phone was ringing nonstop. I put a big smile in my face and got back to my client. Well, that part was a fun part and I tried to just remember this instead of the frustration from it.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Well, being a mom and an architect at the same time was a big challenge for me so far. My little girl would not let me do whatever I had a dream to do as an architect. When I was a student I have had so much creative projects in my mind and I opened my own company to have more freedom to work on them but now I feel like someone knotted me to the chair. Whatever comes to my mind, I need to consider my little boss first. Let’s just move on, I am not here to nag about it, I just decided to write about my challenges more as a momchitect J
گاهی وقتها گم میشی، یک جائی که نمیدونی کجاست. فکر میکنی دیگران گم شدن :( 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

·     " When your environment is functional, green & beautiful you would gain more pleasure, peace and happiness in your life."

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

گاهی آدمها این قدر بهت نزدیک میشن که میرند توی جونت، یک قسمت از بدنت میشن. بعد شروع به آزارت میکنن. نمیدونی چته؟ دردت از کجاست؟ فقط میسوزه.... اون وقت فاصله میگیری، دور میشی، نمیفهمی چرا. میدونی درد از کجا میاد، ولی نمیتونی کاری کنی. حس میکنی که دلت شکسته، حس تنهاییه؟ غم داری؟ نمیدونم، حس خوبی نیست. زخم از یک جا شروع شده، کی خوب میشه? نمیدونم، نمیدونی.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

دلم شکسته، احساس میکنم هسته هلو قورت دادم که پایین نمیره. هیچ وقت این قدر تمام نشده بودم. سالها بود به اینجا نرسیده بودم فکر میکنم تمامم. ته دلم یک چیزی شکسته، مثل شیشه ،مثل کاسه چینی، مثل یک تکه بلور خردشدنی. برای من تمام شده است.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

ای کسانیکه ایمان آوردید، شما را به مقدساتتون عکس چاقاله بادوم را شرنکنید، این شهر را ما از سر تا ته گشته یم و پیدا نکرده یم. بترسید از روزی که به حال ما دچار شوید. :(