Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Eddie and Neal Jones

The lecture by Eddie and Neal Jones was incredible especially after a long day in studio and struggling with my project. I have a difficulty to solve the circulation in my studio project and at the end of the day I was almost losing my confidence and my patience. He started his lecture by telling a true story. The story was about his life and how he was working on his projects as a student with passion and creativity. During the lecture I was taking notes of his life lessons. In each project that he described you could see the philosophy behind each building design. “What does each building want to be?” Where landscape begins and ends and does it even have a beginning and ending or not?
Eddie Jones mentioned the beauty of a literal garden and in his projects landscaping was combined with buildings and one could not make a border between them. Everything that he did was followed by his final comment. “Never stop caring.” The passion and consideration for architecture in their designs were truly noticeable. He gave me plenty of positive energy and forced me to look at my project as a new opportunity to show my interest in architecture and to believe in my creativity.

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