Friday, November 7, 2008

strange friends

I feel really better now compare to couple days ago. The truth is having a good relationship with others is difficult and I am so proud of myself right now. We have a group of friends around us and some strange things were happening in the group in the last couple of months. We were friend with some of them for a long time and it was so hard to deal with them now especially some Iranian habit that they were started in the group. Gossips about our others friends and make a joke about whoever was not on the group on that moment. Well, Med and I decided to stay away from the group for a while. I felt guilty because I thought it is our fault that we can not get along with people. It has happened almost two months ago and today I was talking to one of my friend which is still in the group and she said she has same issues and she and her husband are not going to attend their parties any more.

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