Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sad Moment :(

Believe me, I really need to write. It made me cry so badly. I have an exam tomorrow but I can not even read a single page. It is crazy. I use to read the news every morning to know what is going on around the world but I wish I haven't had this habit. Today I read an article about execution in Iran. Well, article has some pictures of the person who has been executed. Oh, my god, I couldn't believe it. In one image he was smiling. Smiling like a baby. He seems so naive and innocent to me. Gosh, he didn't know what is going on around or probably he didn't care at all. Knock, knock, Excuse me Mr.God I am a stupid educated person. Can you please explain it to me? Can you give me a definition for bad person? What was his fault? He was so young most likely my age or even younger. It was not any other way to help him to change? Who was his judge?

I have got embarrassed and started crying like a baby. Seriously think about it. He was part of my family. He was Iranian. Damn it what am I doing here? I am sitting in another country and cry for my unknown brother. Man, it is not fare. I can just name it "geographical Compulsion".

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