Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Climate change motivation...

Climate change bring different question to peoples mind. What is the definition of the climate change? Is it the certain countries inaccuracy? What is the responcibility of the public? And how individuals can help? Although climate change is not a short term change and it happened over periods of time that range from decades to millions of years in current decade is become a huge intricate for the world. Some people even believe that climate change like global warming is out of control and no one has power to change the fact.

The climate-change motivation is have a discussion in three things. First “human fossil fuel burning causes carbon dioxide concentrations to rise, Second carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas and third increasing the greenhouse effect increases average global temperatures (and has many other effects).”

Carbon dioxide was rising during the time (1000AD to the present) but after the Industrial Revolution from (1800AD to 2000AD) the increase rate has been exponential. It started increasing when James Watt introduced his steam engine to the society. At the same time British coal production started to go up as well. Coal production was used to create iron, to build and power transportation system like ships and locomotive and to heat up houses. The usage of the coal production was growing extraordinarily. For example in the 30 years from 1769 to 1800, yearly use of coal production doubled and then in 1830 it had doubled again and then in 20 years later doubled again and still continues. It was not just happening in England, in other countries same thing was starting after industrial revolution. In producing CO2 emissions oil production is slightly less effective than the coal.

Since people were successful by doubling or tripling CO2 concentration lot of things will be changed in the future. First increasing the intensity of the sun by 2%, second global temperature goes up almost 3 ◦C. third “the Greenland icecap would gradually melt, and, over a period of few 100 years, sea-level would rise by about 7 meters.” The last and not least is changing the ecosystem for humans, animals and plants.

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