Tuesday, September 15, 2009


It is a worldwide standard program which created by United State Department of Energy and United State Environmental Protection Agency. This program is planned to recognize and promote energy efficiency of products, reduce greenhouse gas emission, reduce global warming gases, protect the environment, save money and energy for consumers around the world. This standard start working at 1992 in the United State by labeled computer and monitor and then they extended their service by labeling the additional office products, residential and commercial heating equipment, residential air conditioning, home electronics, and lighting products. Since the success of this program in United State was more than community expected, numerous European countries decided to adopt it as well. Due to the research any equipment which meets the standard and gain Energy Star Logo can save 20% to 30% on energy usages on average.

The Energy Star designed to use for residential, industrial and commercial. In fact using the service for residential can save at least a third on families’ energy bill and also for business can create twice the saving. For example last year Americans saved $19 billion on their utility bills plus improved home comfort. In addition they gained even more benefits such as tax credit from state and federal, avoid greenhouse gas emissions and protect the environment. ENERGY STAR could effectively delivered energy to businesses, owners, designers and organization and saved money for them. Also influenced companies to use more efficient product such as fluorescent lighting, LED lighting (Light Emitting Diode) and low standby energy use. Fluorescent lighting uses 70% less energy than other lights and lasts up to more than ten times longer than normal incandescent lights.

One of the popular services of Energy Star is for entertainment sector. Probably we never imagine that saving energy will be a possibility when we go to museums, theater, stadium or convention center. ES has online tools and resources for entertainment industry and guides them to greener environment. Quick Reference Guide to Benchmarking, Webinars, and news articles about managing energy and being green are some of their tools. St. Louis Cardinals’ Busch Stadium and Virginia Beach Convention Center are two good examples of this service.

In the last decade energy prices turn to be a hot topic and a main alarm for community and also finding a trustable standard was not easy. Energy building by labeling equipment with better performance for each business and organization could open a new chapter in energy efficiency and cost savings. It brought a better product for better world.

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