Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The question is what HVAC is and why as an architect we need to be familiar with this system. Basically HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning and it is essentially heating and cooling systems in the building.

Choose the HVAC is the first priority in building system and use the right one which is size-appropriate to the building type is really important because achieve the high level of efficiency and human comfort is a main key in buildings. In addition, maintenance service and set up the accurate system, volume of the system not simple task for designers and architect. For example use the heating system which is too large or too small for the residential project will give an inefficient system that cost more money in long term of period. Also big air conditioner will make an uncomfortable climate inside the building plus extra cost to run. It is even more important for commercial building such as museum, aquarium, office building and skyscrapers because base on the size of the users of the building HVAC system have to be energy efficient and functional and it is also has to offer a healthy and safe place to consumers.

The main job of HVAC system is to control room humidity and temperature. Since the uncomfortable place can influence people’s abilities successful control of those factors will minimize health related problems. High humidity reduces strength in human body which typically causes tiredness as well as “hypothermia, heat stroke, and hyperpyrexia”.

HVAC system has different jobs. Heating job is important in maintaining room temperature especially during colder climate. There are two different type of heating system such as local and central. Central more frequently used because it is economical and safe. Ventilation job is the process of changing air in public or private spaces. It manages temperature and eliminates humidity, smoke, dust, extra heat and bacteria. It let carbon dioxide to go out and oxygen to get inside and make sure the air is circulating and people are getting fresh and clean air. The air-conditioning system and refrigeration job is managed the both heat and ventilation. It works base on the proccess of radiation, convection, and conduction. It means by removing the heat from the area make the place more pleasant for indoor user.

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